Rural Buildings

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There’s no doubt about it, some days (okay, many days) I like to think of myself as a country girl at heart.

Perhaps the beauty I find in old rural structures speaks to that.



Old Barn
I see this building often. There is a large No Trespassing sign near it but I took a risk, snapped a total of 2 shots, and ran back to my car :).


Tiny White House
Tiny is cute.


Crossing Bridges
A covered bridge is a hidden gem in our neighborhood. You can’t get to it from the road.

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5 thoughts on “Rural Buildings

  1. So fun to take a risk , to capture beauty that kept calling to you. Your pictures aren’t just visually delightful! they charm all senses! They seem to land me in once upon a time! If I had to pick between a thousand words or a picture such, I will always always prefer a picture. What a story they weave! Quietly aloud!!
    And I will imagine you as a country girl now!! What fun!!!

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      1. Oh! I will forever and ever be your reader! And so will anyone who reads you once! You can make a picture speak and your words can create a visual!💖


    1. Haha! No, I don’t consider where I live the country! At least, not the neighborhood I am in, b/c it is precisely that– a neighborhood. Though it is more rural than some suburban areas. When I say country life, I mean living on a farm or hobby farm, far apart from other houses, with lots of animals and open fields :).

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