Spring & Summer 2021

Well HELOOOOOO Spring!

At least, I *think* it’s spring here in Minnesota. The weather seems to have other plans– some days, it’s been beautiful outside, and full of warm, bright sun and blue sky, and then there are other days…where it begins to hail as I walk my dog around the trail.

April, however, brings with it fresh green grass and the buds on the trees. It brings hope and a sense of renewal.

I’m excited to get outside more, with my children and husband, our dog, and to just enjoy our yard and neighborhood.

Warmer weather also reminds me that it’s time to think about school coming to a close and summer tutoring starting up.

Would your child or teen (age 5-18) benefit from some extra, targeted, one-on-one instruction over the summer? Are you hoping to avoid the “summer slide,” and don’t want to lose so many of the gains he or she has made this year? And what a year it’s been. I think schools and families are doing the best they can, but I also think the constant changes throughout the year have likely negatively impacted learning, especially for students who find learning a challenge in the first place.

I love helping students of all ages begin to discover a love of reading. I love encouraging them and helping them build their confidence as they make strides in their reading, writing, and spelling. It is the BEST feeling when I see a student smile as they realize they “get something” that they didn’t understand at first. Then again, it may be an even better feeling when a student who has never chosen to read a book “for fun” before actually STARTS READING FOR FUN.

Please reach out if you are interested in talking more about what I plan to offer this summer for tutoring. I plan to schedule both virtual and in-person sessions at my home. Summer is less formal and needs to be flexible for all of us, as my children will be out of school as well. You and I can discuss what works best.

I typically recommend 1-2 sessions per week in the summer (2 sessions if your child needs significant reading help), at least 40 minutes in length, and up to 50 minutes. I charge far less than tutoring franchises and most schools to keep it affordable for families.

Happy spring to all of you and here’s hoping for a BLESSED summer!



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