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*Fall 2021 Update: I currently have a couple of spots available in my schedule for one-on-one virtual tutoring sessions during the school day (perhaps during a study hall, resource time, or specialist class– they can meet with me from a computer at school!). The benefit of virtual tutoring is that I can help your child, regardless of where you live!

I am an expert in the field of learning disabilities. I don’t think I’ll turn off the “teacher side” of my brain. I’ve been teaching in some capacity for almost 15 years, and I have most recently found great joy in teaching in a Christian school environment, where my two children attend.

In 2004, I earned my Masters in Education at Harvard University’s Graduate School of Education. While there, I fell in love with the world of special education, specifically teaching reading and writing to children of all ages with various degrees of learning disabilities. From minor to significant dyslexia, to dysgraphia, to severe ADHD, I’ve seen it all. I tell parents that nothing shocks me anymore, and I truly believe children are gifts from God.

I reserve some time each week to work with students virtually or in person at my home office to help improve their reading and writing abilities. My first step is always to help students feel good about themselves again. 

One consequence of growing class sizes is that our children who don’t fit into the standard, middle-range mold can slip through the cracks. Negative behaviors can emerge because of the frustration children feel in the classroom, whether they are 5 or 18. So now you have a child who is not only performing (the dreaded) “below grade level,” but who is also getting sent to the school behavior specialist or vice principal…it’s hard on everyone, especially families.

I am a licensed K-12 Learning Disabilities teacher, and I am experienced in the Wilson Reading System, the Orton-Gillingham Reading System, and the Kansas Writing Strategies. All of these approaches, when personalized to the needs and skills of an individual student, can produce significant results. No matter what our starting point is, your child can learn and feel better about school, and I can help.

P.S. I’m hoping to train my wonderful dog Sunny (see photo above!) to be a therapy dog who can eventually join me for tutoring sessions, hospital trips, library visits, elderly homes, and more. Stay tuned!

References available upon request.

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My son and my daughter are my biggest inspiration.



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