About Julia


When I’m not spending time with my two children, I’m probably working with students from all over the globe, one-on-one, using the magic of computer. If I’m not teaching, it’s likely that I’m writing– whether it be an article or essay for publication, or editing my first middle-grade manuscript. (And if I’m not doing that? I’m caring for one of our animals!).



J. Arnold

I am an experienced freelance writer specializing in timely, well-written essays and articles. I am also a professional copywriter and work frequently with Chewy.com. Please peruse my Publications page for examples of my work.

For any writing project, my goal is always to capture the beauty of life and express it in words.

I am also a professional reading and writing tutor experienced in teaching children of all ages who have learning disabilities, including dyslexia. I have a Master’s degree in Education from Harvard and almost 15 years of teaching experience. My Tutoring Services page has more information.

View more writing samples on Facebook and Instagram.

Please contact me for further information regarding freelance work and new virtual, individualized tutoring options: JuliaSArnold@gmail.com.

Happy trails, friends!



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