Getting Started

I am officially Open for Business, as they say, though this is primarily a passion project in its early stages.

I ordered a new zoom lens for my camera recently and have been practicing whenever I can.

From quite a distance this morning, I took some photos of the swans on the small lake near our home that is currently covered with just a sliver of ice.


I chose to leave the slight blur of the grasses in the foreground. It makes me feel like I’m secretly peeking at the swans.


I also managed to snap a photo of my two little ones running ahead of me on a recent walk.

Running on the Trail

I love how the fast shutter speed freezes their motion with almost zero blur here, as well as the slight green coloring on the trees in the background.

I hope to capture some more horse & farm photos after the next snowfall, because what’s prettier than a lovely horse with a dusting of snow on his back?

In the meantime, you can find more of my work on my Pinterest page.

I’m also beyond thrilled that Horse Illustrated will be printing one of my articles in their February or March issue. Stay tuned!

Please browse, enjoy, and contact me if you are interested in a session!




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