Winter Horse Photography

I’m loving taking photos of horses in this snowy Minnesota backdrop! I just have to be sure to wear gloves when I’m clicking away. It’s not warm here, folks.

Today I’m sharing a few photos I recently took at Hardwood Creek Farm in Hugo, Minnesota, of a couple of Morgans and a lovely, gigantic Georgian Grande named Broadway.

Pals copy
Best pals!



Broadway with logo
This is Alyssa’s newest horse, Broadway.


Even though they are big and powerful, horses are flight animals; they will run when faced with danger.

Brown & White with Logo
Usually I would be disappointed that the sky looks so washed out, but I actually LOVE that the ground and the sky are white; it contrasts so beautifully with the gorgeous horse. And I love the sprinkle of snow on his muzzle.


Horses are also herd animals, so they require the company of other animals to be happy.


Cuteness! with logo
This might be one of my favorite photos of all time!


If it weren’t for the cold, I could have spent an hour or two out there!

But to tell you the truth, I’ve found that the hardest part of winter photo shoots isn’t the cold– it’s photoshopping out the manure piles! It shows up way too easily against the white snow, and while I love to keep things natural, I’m pretty sure people don’t want an 10×12 photo of horse poop on their walls! 🙂

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2 thoughts on “Winter Horse Photography

  1. Luminous. That is the word! There are pictures that make the tan lit bodies look translucent so the soul can be seen.Then there are pictures that keep the soul hidden so the warmth of life may be touched. All in your eyes- picture taker! Enchanting!!

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