Country Life

There is a lot of construction on my current route to the barn, so I took the scenic route yesterday. I was so inspired that I stopped about 5 times on the way home from my riding lesson to take some shots of what I found along the road.


All Good Organics
I love this tiny shop. It’s tucked back from the road.


Hardwood Creek Fence 2
What’s prettier than a white fence enclosing beautiful horses? This is Hardwood Creek Farm in Hugo, Minnesota, where I ride.
Abandoned House
As I told my husband, I have a thing for crumbling old buildings. I wonder how long this sweet home has been empty.


Black and White Tree & Haystacks
I LOVE the creepy tree on the left, and I love the hay field!
Crumbling Bricks
There was no shortage of cool old brick buildings on my route. I like the wood and brick on this one.

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3 thoughts on “Country Life

  1. Did you time travel? Maybe a painting you did enter!! How beautiful is this, Austen’s heroines could have walked this way. Black Beauty may have loved a full wild sprint! Apart from crumbling old buildings, I have to say, you have a thing with the camera too!!

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  2. Girl,I ain’t the only one! Most spectators stay silent ,wonder why. You take a full gallop and go against the wind. Your photos are beautiful compositions. They are indeed!!


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