Happy New Year

Have you adjusted to writing “2019” on checks and forms yet? It always takes me a while to get used to writing a new year. So far, I’m embracing 2019 and have a focused resolution of self-care for the year.

After years of being a mother (daughter/sister/wife/teacher), it is finally truly clicking that I need to take care of myself in order to be the best mother (and person) I can be. I’ve always believed that in theory, but as many beliefs go, it’s more challenging to put into daily practice, especially when schedules are busy, we get sick, school is out…you get the idea.

I’m exercising more, eating healthier (the usuals), and for emotional health, I took a short break from freelancing this fall to recharge my creative juices. I think when you work in a creative field, you feel constant pressure to produce, submit, produce, submit, but in the process of that never-ending cycle, you can lose the passion that makes you good at what you do. Taking intermittent breaks helps me with this.

I did, however, take on a couple (okay, a few) projects– there’s nothing like doing something you love in moderation that reminds you why you chose to do what you do!

First, I wrote about a fantastic non-profit organization here in Minnesota, Hope Rides, which gives children and their families (who may be struggling with significant life challenges– mental illness, divorce, death, to name a few) a chance to visit a farm, spend time with horses, and receive welcoming guidance and connections from the volunteers there. I shone the spotlight on a special Hope Rides volunteer in my article, which appeared in the lovely Neighbors of Chaska Magazine.


chaska cover


full hope rides article for chaska mag


I also wrote about a handful of great people and horses in the Morgan industry for The Morgan Horse Magazine. It’s always a pleasure to work with that publication, and it was fun to contribute to their huge Grand Nationals issue.






Next, I wrote about a friend of mine, Michele Quattrin, who has taken many cherished photos of my family over the years with her own company, mQn Photography. She makes giving back a priority, and I wrote about her pro bono work for an upcoming issue of North Oaks Living Magazine (due out March/April 2019).

In one of her efforts, she partners with Tiny Footprints, where she takes high quality photos of families and their sweet newborns who are in NICU units. In her other effort, she contributes her time and talent to Spectrum Inspired, which pairs professional photographers with families who have children on the Autism spectrum. She’s pretty cool, right?

Last, I took on a fun passion project: two wonderful companies,¬†Mamalode and Hyland’s Homeopathy, asked writers to share meaningful holiday traditions– both big and small– with their readers and followers.

I loved sharing the simple tradition I have with my daughter of making and delivering Christmas cookies. Writing about Motherhood is where freelance writing all began for me, and it feels decadent when it comes full circle and I get to indulge in the topic again.


screen shot 2019-01-11 at 2.14.13 pm
Read the essay on Mamalode.


cookies image

No, not everything is from scratch. The perfectly imperfect fun is in making them, spending time together, and giving them to our friends, teachers, and neighbors.

You can read the article here.

As for my private tutoring business, where I help improve the reading and writing skills of local children and teens with dyslexia and other learning disorders, I’m totally booked! This summer, however, I will have some weekday morning availability. If you are interested in getting on my schedule, please don’t hesitate to reach out. Things fill up quickly since I have such limited time due to my own children’s needs.

Happy New Year to all of you. I wish each and every one of my readers all the best for 2019!



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