February Snow

It was “unseasonably warm” in Minnesota today, which is in quotes because it’s still hilarious to me that 35 degrees is considered warm here, but oh well. At least I wasn’t freezing!

Of course, it meant I couldn’t resist going to Sundown Horse Shelter and taking some pictures of all the sweeties there.

Roan at Sundown
The unusual coloring on this guy photographs beautifully; he looks different in every shot.



Brown Horse with logo
This sweet-faced horse watched me the entire time I was snapping away. 


Black and White Mustang with Logo
I usually prefer color photography with horses, but I liked this image in black and white even better.


Jed's Eye with Logo
Did you really think I could make a visit to Sundown without taking about 100 shots of the sweet Jed? 


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White Horse, Pink Bunny, & White Snow


I’m always eager to spend horse time with my little daughter. We visited a family farm/riding center about 20 minutes from us, and I was taken with this white horse. He was keeping a friendly eye on us as we explored.


Edited White Horse


I’m enjoying playing with light.

White Horse Edited


A little pink bunny scampering through the snow :).

Pink Bunny in the SnowFebruary Snow

Elizabeth in the Snow with logo

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Winter Horse Photography

I’m loving taking photos of horses in this snowy Minnesota backdrop! I just have to be sure to wear gloves when I’m clicking away. It’s not warm here, folks.

Today I’m sharing a few photos I recently took at Hardwood Creek Farm in Hugo, Minnesota, of a couple of Morgans and a lovely, gigantic Georgian Grande named Broadway.

Pals copy
Best pals!



Broadway with logo
This is Alyssa’s newest horse, Broadway.


Even though they are big and powerful, horses are flight animals; they will run when faced with danger.

Brown & White with Logo
Usually I would be disappointed that the sky looks so washed out, but I actually LOVE that the ground and the sky are white; it contrasts so beautifully with the gorgeous horse. And I love the sprinkle of snow on his muzzle.


Horses are also herd animals, so they require the company of other animals to be happy.


Cuteness! with logo
This might be one of my favorite photos of all time!


If it weren’t for the cold, I could have spent an hour or two out there!

But to tell you the truth, I’ve found that the hardest part of winter photo shoots isn’t the cold– it’s photoshopping out the manure piles! It shows up way too easily against the white snow, and while I love to keep things natural, I’m pretty sure people don’t want an 10×12 photo of horse poop on their walls! 🙂

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Snowy Horses

I’m sharing some recent photos I took of a few of my favorite horses over at Sundown Shelter in Hugo, Minnesota.

Breathe with logo
Of course, Jed again! I love how you can see his breath in this shot.



Roan Landscape with Logo
The small space on the computer doesn’t do this uniquely-colored rescue horse justice, but I still like the shot.


Jed looking back
He is such a cool horse.
I’ve always loved a line-up of trees. These line the Sundown property.


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Barn Cats

Horses aren’t the only creatures you’ll encounter at barns, farms, and stables.

Cats are often prowling & lurking.

Here are a few sweet felines I spotted at Sundown Shelter in Hugo, Minnesota recently.

Cat Eyes
She didn’t seem to mind me poking around in her territory.


kitty with logo
This one reminds me of my dear sweet Kee Kee Dee I had as a child.


Black Cat with logo
Those eyes!

It was such a bright day that I didn’t need to do any photo editing to brighten the images. Plus, these guys were naturals!


Let it Snow

Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow!

I finally had the chance to do a snowy shoot with my favorite rescue horses over at Sundown Shelter in Hugo, Minnesota.

Some of my moments there…

Goodbye w:logo
Jed, the Belgian Draft, is such a smart horse. He remembers me every time.


Kiss Kiss w:logo

Kiss, kiss. Little buddies.


Sweetie with logo
What a sweetie. 


Snowy Jed :: 2015 with logo
I couldn’t stop snapping photos of this gentle giant!


The light was beautiful, the sky was beautiful, the snow was beautiful, and of course the horses were beautiful.

It was a wonderful day.



Getting Started

I am officially Open for Business, as they say, though this is primarily a passion project in its early stages.

I ordered a new zoom lens for my camera recently and have been practicing whenever I can.

From quite a distance this morning, I took some photos of the swans on the small lake near our home that is currently covered with just a sliver of ice.


I chose to leave the slight blur of the grasses in the foreground. It makes me feel like I’m secretly peeking at the swans.


I also managed to snap a photo of my two little ones running ahead of me on a recent walk.

Running on the Trail

I love how the fast shutter speed freezes their motion with almost zero blur here, as well as the slight green coloring on the trees in the background.

I hope to capture some more horse & farm photos after the next snowfall, because what’s prettier than a lovely horse with a dusting of snow on his back?

In the meantime, you can find more of my work on my Pinterest page.

I’m also beyond thrilled that Horse Illustrated will be printing one of my articles in their February or March issue. Stay tuned!

Please browse, enjoy, and contact me if you are interested in a session!





If you’re visiting, you likely love horses or photography. Or both. Me too!

I’ve been riding as an adult for a little over a year, but I rode as a child as well. I also volunteer at a local horse shelter whenever I can, and a therapeutic riding center in the summer months. I recently dove into the world of equestrian photography and art, and now I can’t stop.

I’m passionate about the art and skill of riding in all disciplines, and as a freelancer, I write about all things equestrian for HorseChannel.com. You can read my articles, here.

Sepia toned

This is a photo I took last summer of my two children, admiring a couple of miniature donkeys at Waldoch Farm in Minnesota.

As a new photographer, I offer affordable sessions to capture the beauty of your horse, farm, riders, or all of the above. My goal is to help you and others see the beauty of your beloved equine companion and your special bond.

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You can view examples of my photos on my Facebook page.

You can find more of my written work and publications on my blog, FranticMama.com.

Thank you for your interest in Julia Arnold Equine Photography!