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I feel so fortunate that I’ve had the chance to write about some amazing people for

If you’re a horse person too, you might like to check them out!

In this piece, I emphasize that it’s never too late to get involved in the horse world!

This is Barb Anderson, a fantastic rider at Hardwood Creek Farm.


I also loved writing this one, about a mother and daughter pair I know who both ride.

Lynette and Ellen
This is Lynette and Ellen– a great mother-daughter pair!


Finally, if you love art and horses, you will probably love the artists I feature in this piece.



I don’t want to leave you empty-photo-handed, so here’s a shot I took at a recent horse show here in Minnesota (F.A.S.H: Friends of the American Saddlebred Horse). [Trust me, it’s no easy feat getting a clear shot of a moving animal in a poorly lit arena! And I love this shot!]

FASH Shot 3

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Country Life

There is a lot of construction on my current route to the barn, so I took the scenic route yesterday. I was so inspired that I stopped about 5 times on the way home from my riding lesson to take some shots of what I found along the road.


All Good Organics
I love this tiny shop. It’s tucked back from the road.


Hardwood Creek Fence 2
What’s prettier than a white fence enclosing beautiful horses? This is Hardwood Creek Farm in Hugo, Minnesota, where I ride.
Abandoned House
As I told my husband, I have a thing for crumbling old buildings. I wonder how long this sweet home has been empty.


Black and White Tree & Haystacks
I LOVE the creepy tree on the left, and I love the hay field!
Crumbling Bricks
There was no shortage of cool old brick buildings on my route. I like the wood and brick on this one.

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Beach Photos

We hauled both kids and took the 3.5 hour flight down to the Gulf Coast of Florida last month. I was excited to try out my new camera in a different environment. So while no horses were to be found in the area, I still enjoyed some beautiful natural moments.

Here are some of my favorite shots.


Beautiful driftwood!


Flying Bird
Taking flight.


E and J On Beach copy
A wonderful moment. 


Cabana Sign.JPG
I loved the graphic appeal of this sign. 
Palm Tree
Obligatory Palm Tree Shot!


It's Cold!
“It’s cold! It’s cold!”
Kids in Sand copy
My sweethearts.


That’s all for now, though I could add about 100 other favorites :).

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Family Park Date in Black & White

I love color photographs. I really do!

Every once in a while, though, I love black and white photos even more. Sometimes a photo says more to me in black and white, as these did, below. I have no explanation for this.

These are a few recent photos of my husband, son, & daughter at the park. It was a record-breaking warm day in February, and as you can see from the clothing, we took advantage of it!


John and Daddy with logo


Climbing in B and W


John on Swing in Black and White with Logo


Sweet E in Black and White with logo


Sun & Trees

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Rural Buildings

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There’s no doubt about it, some days (okay, many days) I like to think of myself as a country girl at heart.

Perhaps the beauty I find in old rural structures speaks to that.



Old Barn
I see this building often. There is a large No Trespassing sign near it but I took a risk, snapped a total of 2 shots, and ran back to my car :).


Tiny White House
Tiny is cute.


Crossing Bridges
A covered bridge is a hidden gem in our neighborhood. You can’t get to it from the road.

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Jake the English Shire

I’m not sure if you can tell from the photos, but Jake is HUGE. He is a rescue English Shire horse now living in harmony at Sundown Horse Shelter in Hugo.

I love photographing him, but as you can see, he barely paid me any notice as he gobbled his morning hay and alfalfa.

Jake in Black and White with logo

Cool of Jake copy


I could barely get any shots of him not eating. Hey, he has to eat A LOT. Far be it for me to stop him.

Bliss copy
I love the look of bliss on his face here.


Pretty Light with Jake

Yes, this one, below, is the only one where he isn’t munching! Big Jake in Shelter copy

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February Snow

It was “unseasonably warm” in Minnesota today, which is in quotes because it’s still hilarious to me that 35 degrees is considered warm here, but oh well. At least I wasn’t freezing!

Of course, it meant I couldn’t resist going to Sundown Horse Shelter and taking some pictures of all the sweeties there.

Roan at Sundown
The unusual coloring on this guy photographs beautifully; he looks different in every shot.



Brown Horse with logo
This sweet-faced horse watched me the entire time I was snapping away. 


Black and White Mustang with Logo
I usually prefer color photography with horses, but I liked this image in black and white even better.


Jed's Eye with Logo
Did you really think I could make a visit to Sundown without taking about 100 shots of the sweet Jed? 


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White Horse, Pink Bunny, & White Snow


I’m always eager to spend horse time with my little daughter. We visited a family farm/riding center about 20 minutes from us, and I was taken with this white horse. He was keeping a friendly eye on us as we explored.


Edited White Horse


I’m enjoying playing with light.

White Horse Edited


A little pink bunny scampering through the snow :).

Pink Bunny in the SnowFebruary Snow

Elizabeth in the Snow with logo

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Winter Horse Photography

I’m loving taking photos of horses in this snowy Minnesota backdrop! I just have to be sure to wear gloves when I’m clicking away. It’s not warm here, folks.

Today I’m sharing a few photos I recently took at Hardwood Creek Farm in Hugo, Minnesota, of a couple of Morgans and a lovely, gigantic Georgian Grande named Broadway.

Pals copy
Best pals!



Broadway with logo
This is Alyssa’s newest horse, Broadway.


Even though they are big and powerful, horses are flight animals; they will run when faced with danger.

Brown & White with Logo
Usually I would be disappointed that the sky looks so washed out, but I actually LOVE that the ground and the sky are white; it contrasts so beautifully with the gorgeous horse. And I love the sprinkle of snow on his muzzle.


Horses are also herd animals, so they require the company of other animals to be happy.


Cuteness! with logo
This might be one of my favorite photos of all time!


If it weren’t for the cold, I could have spent an hour or two out there!

But to tell you the truth, I’ve found that the hardest part of winter photo shoots isn’t the cold– it’s photoshopping out the manure piles! It shows up way too easily against the white snow, and while I love to keep things natural, I’m pretty sure people don’t want an 10×12 photo of horse poop on their walls! 🙂

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Snowy Horses

I’m sharing some recent photos I took of a few of my favorite horses over at Sundown Shelter in Hugo, Minnesota.

Breathe with logo
Of course, Jed again! I love how you can see his breath in this shot.



Roan Landscape with Logo
The small space on the computer doesn’t do this uniquely-colored rescue horse justice, but I still like the shot.


Jed looking back
He is such a cool horse.
I’ve always loved a line-up of trees. These line the Sundown property.


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